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Birthdate:Sep 13
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
"I had taken a dagger in the lower back from a harlot in Hyderabad and a pistol-ball in the knee from the Okhrana in Nijni-Novgorod. More to the point, I had recently been raked across the chest by the mad, wily old she-tiger the hill-heathens called 'Kali's Kitten'.

None of that was preparation for Moriarty!"

Name: Sebastian "Bloody Basher" Moran
Age: 40
Vocation: Formerly soldier and big-game hunter extraordinaire. Now part spy, part body-guard and part hit-man, hunting a very different game for Professor Moriarty and The Firm.
Canon: Kim Newman's "The Hound of the D'Urbervilles"

Down on his luck after bagging his last tiger, the 'Kali's Kitten' that nearly took his life, Sebastian Moran found himself without a penny, in a country that had sent him halfway around the world in hope that something would eat him, and prevent him from causing any more trouble.
Penniless and not suited for either normal work nor the idleness of the upper-classes, Moran was taken in by The Firm for the purposes of doing the delicate and indiscriminate kinds of murder your common criminal isn't capable of.

Scars: Multiple cuts, several bullet-holes and marks from resulting surgeries. Scar under his mustache from being knifed in the face. Three long, deep claw-marks across his chest. Missing his left nipple due to chest scarring and resulting infection. Generally sporting scuffs and bruises.


Some Notes on Canons: While this Moran is specifically drawn from Newman's particularly fantastic literary mash-up novel, I am more than willing to interact with any and all interpretations of the Conan Doyle Holmesian canon that have been generated in the last century.

Disclaimers n' Stuff: Both the character represented in this journal and the person authoring it are over 21. This journal WILL contain adult, explicit and otherwise unpleasant content including but not limited to: profane, sexual and otherwise unpleasant or salty language. All manner of sexual content and innuendo. Moran is a thief, a murderer and general cad and will talk and behave like one.
For everyone's sake I will be tuning down Basher's tendency towards xenophobic and racist (really, most kinds of -ist) diatribes but he is otherwise not a very nice person even with that censoring in place, so you've been warned. This interpretation of Colonel Sebastian Moran is (c) Kim Newman. Original canon (c) Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Michael Fassbender belongs wholly to himself. Journal is for RP shenanigans only.
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